Warehouse Helper Job in UAE

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Warehouse Helper Jobs

This Warehouse Helper employee sample verbal description will assist in your making employment application that may attract job candidates United Nations agency area unit qualified for the duty. be happy to revise this verbal description to satisfy your specific job duties and job necessities.

Abilities to apply this post.

  • Ability to handle serious instrumentality and clean
  • Ability to run, bend, push, pull and carry repetitively throughout operating hours
  • Knowledge of cleanup chemicals, correct storage, and disposal strategies
  • Excellent communication skills and therefore the ability to figure as a team
  • Excellent structure skills a requirement
  • Self-motivation and therefore the ability to spot and complete required tasks while not direct superintendence.

Job Requirements

  1. Proven warehouse expertise
  2. Ability to control a self-propelled vehicle, hand truck, pallet jack, and alternative warehouse instrumentation
  3. Adequate information about the warehouse information system
  4. Team player with structure skills
  5. Ability to raise or move serious merchandise.

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